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Pearland Islamic Center & Masjid

Pearland Islamic Center is an extension of Islamic Society of Greater Houston (ISGH). It is a community center where different types of activities are held on daily basis, right from regular daily prayers to youth activities including basket ball, soccer, occasional movie shows, youth PowerPoint presentation and community participation etc.

Pearland Islamic Center is a mosque in Pearland on Garden Road. This is of course a new venue. Before this, the musalla/mosque was on shopping strip between O'day road and FM518/ Broadway in Pearland itself. Most of the youth attending this masjid in Pearland are among the top scholastic performers in their schools. Their parents are hard working tax payers, some of whom are doctors, engineers, lawyers, plumbers, electricians etc, mainly serving Houston and Pearland community.

Pearland Islamic Center was opened in the new location less than a year a go to be a mosque in Pearland that most people in the community can attend to for Friday congregational prayers otherwise called Juma'a prayers or namaz. This mosque in Pearland is a masjid that currently has about 200 to 400 regular visitors. This year, we expect that number to reach 600. We welcome one and all to our safe and family friendly place of meeting and worship.

The Pearland Mosque (our musalla) has only completed first phase of construction. There are several phases to be completed in the near future God Willing. If you feel compelled to help us complete the construction, please use the link on the left to donate.


Pearland Mosque's objectives are; To provide a multitude of services for fulfilling the educational religious, social, economic and cultural needs of Muslim community in Pearland and surrounding areas.

Democratic, open and accountable charitable religious organization managed by a Board of Directors that is elected by the Muslim members in the Pearland area.

Local representation through self-managed Councils in each Center.

Quranic memorization (Hifz) & Reading program through Dar ul Uloom.

Zakat collection and distribution operation in Pearland area

Organize Congregational Eid salats / Namaz or Prayers in Pearland

New Muslim Support Group in Pearland

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