Imam Daniel Abdullah Hernandez of Pearland Islamic Center, Pearland, TX, USA

Imam Daniel Abdullah Hernandez

Info., Calendar & Contact
Holistic Dawah
(Serving Community Members, Youth, New Muslims, Latinos and Non Muslims)

Imam Abdullah Daniel Hernández, known as Abdullah Danny by fellow New Jersey natives, presides over the Pearland Islamic Center in Pearland, Texas, an extension of the Islamic Society of Greater Houston (ISGH). He is one of the few Hispanic American Imams in the United States, and like many other Spanish-speaking Muslims, he has dedicated himself to helping spread the message of Islam.

Imam Abdullah, who converted to Islam in 1999, studied at Al Azhar University in Egypt from 2004-2007, completing five years’ worth of extensive coursework in Islamic Sciences. He continues his education in Islamic studies. He is currently studying at Mishkah University, Salik Acadamy and Roots &Sprouts!.

Imam Abdullah Daniel Hernandez has worked with Islamic School for 6 years, he has established 2 weekend schools, has lead Islamic Summer Camps (Children Completed 40 Hadith for kids). His main passion is helping the youth develop a love for the House of Allah. One way that Imam Abdullah serves a portion of the youth is by coaching them in basketball with the clear objective of gaining all the benefits that basketball can provide for our Muslim Youth besides just winning.

Imam Hernandez whose specialty is educating non Muslims in English and Spanish language. He has been involved in Volunteer Prison Chaplaincy, Interfaith Programs, and has led opening Invocation for the City of Houston.

Imam Hernandez is also a volunteer representative of IslamInSpanish which serves to Educate Latinos about Islam Worldwide. IslamInSpanish provides local, national and international services. Imam Abdullah organizes events in Spanish at the Pearland masjid on a weekly basis, also offers classes, support for Latinos and also leads a monthly Dawah Booth at a local Flea Market.

After accepting position Pearland Islamic Center as our first Imam on November 1st 2013, Imam Abdullah in a very short time (less than a month) introduced the "New Muslim Winter BBQ" which has become a tradition with December 2014 being the second year. The program helps new Muslims who are predominantly from Christian faith deal with the 'Christmas Holiday Season' and also learn how to appreciate their families and friends who are still not of Islamic faith. At the same time, the program helps the new Muslims know that they are not alone and that they have new families who care for them. Besides the "New Muslim Winter BBQ", he also has introduced to the Pearland community a number of programs including (currently) 3 levels of Arabic, Tafseer, Basketball Clinics, IslamInSpanish,  and more.

For 2015, Imam requested to have a calendar so the community can know where he is and when he is available to meet with them on counseling and other matters. Hence this page was started.

We hope the community will make good use of it and it will benefit their lives richly